PowerBlock Sport EXP Stage 1 set

SKU 503-00186-01

The PowerBlock Sport EXP Stage 1 set replaces 16 pairs of dumbbells! With adjustable increments from 1.1kgs (2.5lbs) up to 22.7kgs (50lbs) per hand, these are the ultimate space-saving dumbbells. The open-designed handle allows for an increased range of motion during your workout, and the comfortable contoured rubber grips mean you'll be feeling the burn in all the right places!

Key Features

  • Bands on the side rails show the weight selected with the pin. The pin covers the selected band/rail so the selected weight is clearly displayed.
  • The EXP models have an 'Auto-Lock' for making micro-adjustments.
  • The two 1.1kgs inside the tubes at the base of the handle can be removed via a lever and when tilted back, each weight can be removed before the lever is closed again or the handle inserted in the weight stack for an automatic close.
  • A simple and efficient dumbbell set with a pin max load of 226kgs (500lbs).


  • Dumbbell Colour: Grey (Black model not available)
  • Weight per Dumbbell: 22.7kg (50lbs)
  • Total Product Weight: 45.4kg (100lbs) (sold as a pair)
  • Weight Stacks: Welded solid steel construction. Powder-coated finish.
  • Handles: An open-designed handle allows for an increased range of motion, with comfortable contoured rubber grips.
  • Weight Increments: 1.1kgs (2.5lbs) (adder weight), 2.27kgs (5lbs), 3.4kgs (7.5lbs), 4.5kgs (10lbs), 6.8kgs (15lbs), 8kgs (17.5lbs), 9kgs (20lbs), 11.3kgs (25lbs), 12.5kgs (27lbs), 13.6kgs (30lbs), 16kgs (35lbs), 17kgs (37lbs), 18kgs (40lbs), 20kgs (45lbs), 21.5kgs (47.5lbs), 22.7kgs (50lbs) per hand


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