Force USA MyRack Mono-Lift (Sold in Pair)

Brand Force USA

The Force USA® MyRack Mono-Lift attachment is the first of its kind in Australia and gives you the key functionality of a full monolift rack at a fraction of the size and cost. The Mono-Lift helps you achieve your heaviest power lifts by removing the need for the lifter to walk away from the rack with weight on their shoulders. As the lifter un-racks the loaded bar, the Mono-Lift's hooks automatically fall out of the way.

Key Features


As the lifter un-racks the loaded bar, the Monolift’s hooks automatically move out of the way. Start each lift from a balanced, stable, and controlled position. This minimises energy waste and any unnecessary risk to your joints by removing the asymmetrical dynamic loading that takes place when you are required to take steps under load. For ultimate safety, combine with a set of spotters or dual safeties when lifting heavy.

The Force USA® MyRack Monolift attachment is strong enough to handle a massive amount of 1200kg of weight. The MyRack Monolift attachment is designed to be safe for solo use; however, it’s always recommended to have spotters available for heavier lifts.

Attachment is compatible with the Force USA® MyRack and MyRack SpaceSaver ONLY


  • Usage: Light Commercial
  • Weight Rating: 1200kg/2645lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 14kgs
  • Tubing (Upright) Size: 60 mm * 60 mm
  • Hole Diameter: 15 mm
  • Includes 2x Mono Lift Attachments (1x for each side)


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