Force USA MyRack Knee Holder For Lat Attachment

Brand Force USA

The Force USA® MyRack Knee Holder is a must-have attachment if you have added the Lat Pulldown Attachment to your MyRack and want to pull heavier loads. Simply by connecting the Knee Holder to the MyRack Pin & Pipe Safety Option 1. you can perform lat pulldowns whilst bracing your knees securely under the comfortable foam padding.

Key Features


The attachment works to keep you seated and your knees braced as you pull multiple reps with the Lat Pulldown. It can also be used as a unique leg roller, helping provide leg strength, balance, and coordination when performing one-leg squats, Bulgarian squats, and lunges. The MyRack Knee Attachment is constructed with thick, durable high-density foam padding and commercial vinyl equipped with a rip-stop mesh backing to help prevent rips and tears.

Attachment is compatible with the Force USA® MyRack and MyRack SpaceSaver ONLY



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