Force USA MyRack Dip Handle Attachment

Brand Force USA

The Force USA® MyRack Dip Station attachment helps build bigger and stronger triceps while targeting the chest, shoulders, and back. The convenient V-handle design allows varying grip widths, ranging from narrow to wide, so you can isolate specific muscles and maximise each session. The Force USA® MyRack Dip Station offers superior stability, heavy-duty construction and quick and easy adjustments.

Key Features


Attach anywhere on the uprights and adjust the height of the dip station to suit you perfectly. With one fixing point, it's simple and easy to attach and detach the station. The tapered handles are 4.4cm in diameter, allowing for a comfortable grip for both wide and narrow dips.

The handle width tapers from 73cm at the opening to 56.5 at the front end, measured centre to centre on the handle.

Attachment is compatible with the Force USA® MyRack and MyRack SpaceSaver ONLY


  • Usage: Light Commercial
  • Weight Rating: 400kg/880lbs (static tested)
  • Pin Diameter: 15mm
  • Upright Size: 60mm


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