Force USA MyRack Chin Up Option 2

Brand Force USA

The Chin Up Option 2 Globe Grip Attachment is excellent for overall grip strength and muscular development. The Force USA® MyRack Chin Up Option 2 has four different types of handle options, including an 8cm small globe set, 10cm large globe set, fat bar and standard diameter bar. Grasping onto these powder-coated metallic spheres for pull-ups or flexed arm hangs will give you the ultimate forearm and grip workout. The bar is bolted flush to the support brackets, so there is no movement and with a solid fixture it can take up to 400kg in weight.

Key Features


Complete a range of chin-up variations, including:

  • Chin-ups
  • Wide Grip pull-ups
  • Wide Grip chin-ups
  • Hammer grip pull-ups
  • Narrow hammer grip pull-ups
  • Narrow semi-supinated pull-ups
  • Narrow semi-pronated pull-ups
  • Neutral/Parallel-Grip chin-ups
  • Globe grip pull-ups (8cm, 10cm and mixed)
  • Fat grip pull up variations

Attachment is for the Force USA® MyRack ONLY


  • Usage: Light Commercial
  • Weight Rating: 400kg / 880lbs
  • Grip Bar Diameter: Bar 1: 32mm Bar 2: 50mm
  • Tubing (Upright) Size: 60 mm * 60 mm
  • Hole Diameter: 15 mm
  • Grip Globe Diameter: Globe 1: 80mm Globe 2: 100mm


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