Force USA Weight Vest - 30kg

Brand Force USA

With a sleek, unbreakable design, your Force USA® Weight Vest lets you push your body to the limits with easily adjustable weight resistant training to improve stamina, build strength and burn fat. Offering enhanced comfort and breathability, this training vest has an adjustable front strap to effectively fit your body shape. Your 30kg/66lbs weight inserts have been perfectly positioned to provide even distribution over your torso so the load is proximal to your core and minimises stress on your joints.

Key Features


  • Add the Force USA® Weight Vest to your daily walk or run, functional exercises like chin-ups, push-ups and dips, or use it when you’re hitting the bench press or squat machine.
  • Weight blocks are made from high-quality steel, are easy to slip in and out of pockets, and won’t shift during workouts.
  • Quickly modify your training goals mid-workout and increase the load from 1kg to 30kgs with the 30 individual steel weights.
  • Backed by Force USA’s superior engineering, you’ll quickly fall in love with the strength and fitness gains from this awesome training tool.


  • Usage: Full Commercial
  • Adjustable to suit different body shapes
  • Max Weight: 30kgs
  • Weight Block Material: Steel
  • Weight Blocks: 30 x 1kg


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