Force USA Ultimate Leg Press Hack Squat Combo

Brand Force USA
weight rating 450kg

The perfect machine for when you're serious about leg day! The Force USA Ultimate Leg Press & Hack Squat Combo combines two essential units in one, so you can develop explosive lower body strength and build solid legs. Whether used as a traditional leg press, hack squat, forward thrust, or calf raises, this unit can isolate the quadriceps, hamstrings and calves whilst also offering compound exercise options.

Key Features


The Force USA Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Combo is a staple unit for any commercial gym or serious home fitness enthusiasts with room in the garage. Featuring a 45 degree angled design that combines a leg press, hack squat, forward thrust, and calf raises into one lower body strength training system!



The Force USA Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Combo features an adjustable seat with back support. Using a simple pop-pin design, you can quickly and easily swap out the backrest and footplate, allowing access to the shoulder pads. Fully adjustable to all the heights, the Hack Squat padding and handles have been lengthened to offer ideal positioning regardless of your size.



The Hack Squat targets your Quadriceps, Hips, and Glutes with deeper squats and varied foot positions for a wide range of movements and isolations. The Leg Press offers a comfortable seat with an oversized footplate allowing you to vary your stance for greater emphasis on specific leg muscles.



Safety is a massive benefit of this machine when compared to the traditional barbell squat. Featuring two safety handles on each side of the unit and five safety lockout positions, you can max out your training, all without the need for a spotter.



The durable high-density foam padding and sweat-resistant commercial vinyl ensure you can conduct your workouts at maximum comfort. The heavy gauge structured rolled steel tubing is coated in eco-friendly premium commercial grade powder, followed by an extremely durable clear coating with anti-rust protection, providing years of hard-wearing use.



Keep your training space clean and tidy with built-in storage. The Force USA development team has added 4x Olympic sized weight plate holders with 4x extended length and weight loading sleeves. At a 450KG weight rating, these are heavy-duty and big enough to carry a massive amount of weight plates!



  • Dimensions: 167(W) x 239(D) x 152(H) cm
  • Foot Plate: 55 x 66 cm
  • Extra-Sturdy 13 GA Steel Construction
  • 11 GA Steel Joints and Stress Points
  • Dual Floor Support Beams for Maximum Rigidity and Stability
  • Calf Block for Calf Focused Workouts
  • 4 Weight Plate Storage Holders
  • Additional Plate Holders Beneath Sled for Extreme Weight
  • 4 Band Pegs and 6 Band Peg Positions
  • 5 Racking/Safety Lockout Positions
  • Laser-Cut Powder-Coated Steel Construction
  • Commercial Grade Vinyl Upholstery
  • Weight Rating: 450KG


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