Force USA Straight Handle Hex Dumbbells - ALL SIZES (sold individually)

Brand Force USA
SKU F-SHD2.5, F-SHD5, F-SHD7.5, F-SHD10, F-SHD12.5, F-SHD15, F-SHD17.5, F-SHD20, F-SHD22.5, F-SHD25, F-SHD27.5, F-SHD30, F-SHD35, F-SHD40, F-SHD45, F-SHD50

The Force USA® Straight Handle Dumbbells are a must-have for any home or garage gym setup. These dumbbells are incredibly versatile and user-friendly, making them ideal for a wide range of workouts to help you meet your fitness objectives. Designed with a straight, easy-to-grip handle, they offer a comfortable and secure hold for your exercises. The Force USA® Straight Handle Dumbbells are constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Their unique design includes a protective rubber coating, safeguarding your floors from damage, and a stable, non-roll shape that keeps them in place on racks or floors. Whether you're looking to tone, build strength, or enhance endurance, these dumbbells are a simple yet effective solution for a variety of training routines.


The Force USA® Straight Handle Dumbbells are perfect for a variety of exercises, ranging from bicep curls to comprehensive full-body workouts. This makes them an incredibly versatile choice for any home or gym environment. Key features include an ergonomically designed chrome grip handle, which provides extra safety and comfort, especially when your hands get sweaty. Additionally, their unique design prevents them from rolling away during your workout. The dumbbells have a stable, flat-sided shape that keeps them right where you need them, even on uneven surfaces. This ensures your equipment is always within easy reach, allowing for a smoother and more efficient training session.


  • Usage: Full commercial
  • Handle material: Chrome plated handle
  • Weight Discrepancy: +-3%
  • Warranty: 2 years*


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