Force USA Safety Squat Bar

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Brand Force USA

Why use a Safety Squat Bar instead of a normal straight bar?

Overcoming Plateau:  Advanced lifters will find they stop achieving gains whilst only training with a straight bar. The Safety Squat Bar provides a greater challenge and activation of your anterior chain. This can boost your performance when you go back to using a straight bar, especially during competitions.
Strongman style training: Weight distribution is similar to a mix of the front squat combined with the high-bar back squat. This can increase your maximum carry load more effectively than using a straight bar and traditional back squat.
Better for your back: Lifting with the ForceUSA Safety Squat Bar can create less stress on the L5 vertebrae which is a tremendous benefit to anyone with lower back pain. This will also help with keeping a good upright back posture.
Boost your Deadlift PB: The safety squat bar is extremely effective for building serious overall strength. Not just for standard squats, perform other movements such as walking lunges, zercher squats and good mornings. Gains will transfer directly to improving your deadlift strength.
Fully welded SteelForce grade steel tubing. Heavy Duty construction to handle high volume Commercial Gym usage. Ideal for performance training centres such as professional sports teams, cross training locations, clubs and fitness centres.
American innovation and design. Superior quality; strength and stability. 



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