Force USA Pro Grade Coloured Bumper Plates (Sold individually)

Brand Force USA

The Force USA® Pro Grade Coloured Bumper Plates are a high-performance, economical friendly solution for your strength training needs. Built to endure daily use and abuse from Commercial Gyms, Weightlifting Centres, PT studios and home or garage gyms alike. The Force USA® Olympic rubber bumper plates are built to match IWF size specifications of 450mm in diameter and are available in 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25kg, so you can mix and match your plates to suit your needs. Please note: the price listed is for each individual plate.

Key Features


Designed to be dropped from a height, the Force USA® Pro Grade Coloured Bumper Plates are made from high-quality solid virgin rubber providing shock absorption, protection for your floor and reducing noise during your weight lifting workouts. The Olympic sized (50.4mm) collar opening is fitted with a stainless steel insert for more excellent shock distribution and absorption. Technological advancement has made this range of bumper plates denser, resulting in lower bounces that are perfect for all your lifting needs.


Each Pro Grade Bumper Plate has a smooth surface finish and is coloured per size to match IWF standard. The distinctively smooth finish, bold colour and clear print markings make them recognisable at a distance. As per IWF specifications, 10kg is represented by green, yellow for 15kg, blue for 20kg and red for 25kg. Force USA's particular attention to design has once again made a high-end product accessible to all.


Force USA® Pro Grade Coloured Bumper Plates are ideal for Olympic lifting, powerlifting, functional training, strength and conditioning and other heavy-duty exercise regimes. Graded for full commercial use and backed by a comprehensive 3 Year Force USA® Replacement Warranty.

If you're looking for reliable, high-performing plates that you can count on for all of your lifts, look no further than the Force USA® Pro Grade Coloured Bumper Plates.


  • Usage: Full Commercial
  • Diameter: 450mm
  • Olympic Sized Collar Opening: 50.4mm
  • Plate Colour: IWF Standard
  • Plate Width 10kg: 45mm (Green)
  • Plate Width 15kg: 55mm (Yellow)
  • Plate Width 20kg: 70mm (Blue)
  • Plate Width 25kg: 80mm (Red)
  • Center Hub: Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: 3 Years


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