Force USA Power Tower - Studio Edition

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Brand Force USA

Functional exercises are the most effective and efficient way to train. Compound exercises work multiple muscle groups at the same time which means you can work out harder and in a shorter period of time. The most essential functional exercises for the upper body are the Chin-Up, Press-Up, Dip and Vertical Knee Raise. 

The Power Tower Studio Edition, from ForceUSA, provides the platform to perform all of these exercises including extra variations within a tiny footprint of your home or garage gym. No need to damage the structure of your house or doorways as can happen with a doorway chin-up bar. Or possibly injuring yourself by performing dips incorrectly.

Heavy-duty steel construction and safety. Designed in the USA by the great minds at ForceUSA. The Power Tower Studio Edition is 4 workout stations in 1!

Key Features

Chin Up Station (BACK & BICEPS)
The Chin-Up station will get you building a strong and toned back whilst also hitting those guns. Specially designed to suit all levels of ability; perform wide grip, overhand chin-ups with the wide grip handles or switch to shoulder width on the straight part of the bar then swap to shoulder width pull-ups and finish by really hitting your biceps with our ergonomically angled close grip variation.

Press Up Station (CHEST & TRICEPS)
We’ve positioned the press up station directly below the chin up station to make it ideal for super sets and interval training or cross training. The elevated press up handles allow you to perform a much deeper press up giving greater activation and challenge to your chest. Basically, you’ll build a powerful chest more rapidly. Handles also develop your grip strength and activate your core more than a typical, on-the-floor press up.

Vertical Knee Raise (CORE)
Show off your six pack in no time by performing vertical knee raises. This station is designed to provide full range of motion and can also be used for variations such as core twist. This means you workout your entire core, more efficiently.
The addition of checker plate steps on both sides makes this design much safer than most Power Towers on the market. Easy to get into position and means you can train to failure, safely.

Advanced users have also performed single leg calf-raises from these steps. Simply step up onto the step with one foot whilst facing the elbow support pad. This allows you to steady yourself with your hands on the handle and frame upright. Then switch to the other step and do the same again with your other foot.

Dip Station (CHEST & TRICEPS)
Performing a dip with your body in front of the equipment can be dangerous. Using the Force USA Power Tower Studio Ed handles positions your body in alignment with the handles so you can perform the exercise safely and get greater gains, faster!


  • Weight Rating: 120kg
  • Dimensions: 760mm (W) x 2210mm (H) x 1500mm (D)


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