Force USA Olympic Weightlifting Barbell (IWF Specifications - Competition Tested)

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Brand Force USA
main usage Olympic Weightlifting

The Force USA Olympic Weightlifting Barbell is a full commercial grade barbell designed to IWF specifications. An ideal barbell for competition usage and commercial gym environments. This bar is for more competitive lifters and those looking to utilise the centre knurling for performing deep back squats.

Designed for competition usage. The Olympic Weightlifting Barbell from Force USA meets every IWF specification requirement for Men’s Olympic Weightlifting IWF spec competitions.

With standard dimension knurling and IWF positioning, the Olympic Barbell includes centre knurl to fulfil the requirements for every IWF competition lifting movement.

To win competitions you need to train with competition standard equipment. The Olympic Barbell is ready to attack your next WOD and  backed by the Force USA Diehard Warranty which also covers CROSSFIT USAGE. See warranty info for full details.

Extremely accurate 20kg barbell weight. Every Olympic Barbell shaft is ground and polished before machining. This provides a refined finish and weight accuracy tolerance within 1%.

A rigid Powerlifting Bar so you can go big on your Squat, Bench Press or Deadlift. A barbell for the experienced lifter. Hit your PB sooner.

A comfortable 28mm shaft grip with IWF spec knurling. Precision perfect design and manufacturing to meet International Weightlifting Federation specification requirements. LIFT - COMPETE - REPEAT and DOMINATE!

The Olympic Barbell has 5x bearings in each sleeve! Combined with stainless steel bushings, the bar has an incredibly smooth feel throughout the lift which has to be experienced to be believed.  

A superior bar with superior bushings. Stainless steel bushings for longer lasting and lower maintenance. Superior components for the ultimate strength training superiority.

With an amazing 235,000 PSI tensile strength, the Olympic Barbell is the ultimate strength training weapon.

One look at this bar and you could think it was forged by the gods of Mount Olympus. Both the shaft and sleeves are coated in HARD CHROME. Protection for longevity with lower required barbell maintenance. It looks mighty fine too.

The massive 1,500LB Weight Rating gives strength and confidence in being capable to take you beyond your goals.



Please note: Design updates occur from time to time.


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