Force USA™ G20® All-In-One Trainer - Lat Row Station Upgrade

Brand Force USA

Lat Row Station Upgrade for the Force USA™ G20® All-In-One Trainer. Level-up your G20® unit with additional lat pulls down / lat row station complete with a 289lbs/ 130kg weight stack.


  • Lat Pull Down Station + Lat Row
  • Additional 130kg/289lbs weight stack
  • Lat Pull Down Knee Lock
  • Oversized Slip Resistant Low Row Footplate
  • Dip Bar (Pair)
  • Barbell Holder
  • High Tensile Aircraft-grade Cable 2000lbs (rating)
  • Commercially Sealed Bearing Pulleys (for natural and smooth movement)
  • Cable Ratio = 1:1
  • Dimensions G20® Base and LatRow option: 240cm (L) x 190cm (W)
    x 230cm (H)


Relevant attachments (including a Lat Pull Down Bar and Row Handles) are included with the Force USA™ G20® All-In-One Functional Trainer.

*Not Compatible as a Stand Alone Equipment


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