Force USA Cast Iron Weight Plates 2.5kg

Brand Force USA

If you love the old school sounds of lifting and iron clanging together, you will love the Force USA® Cast Iron Weight Plates. These Olympic plates are super strong and durable, made with high-quality cast iron, these plates will last you for years to come. Set with raised numbers for easy recognition and fitted with ergonomic, tri-grip handles to make changing your weight plates effortless, safer and more efficient, these plates will give you that classic grit feeling and have you lifting like Arnie in the 70's.

Key Features


Ideal for traditional bodybuilding workouts, with Olympic lifting and training, these Cast Iron Weight Plates are available in 2.5kgs. Providing satisfying clangs with each lift, the thin profile of the plates allows you to stack more weight on your traditional Olympic barbell so you can mix and match your weights for the perfect lift. The Force USA® Cast Iron Weight Plates are easy to clean, using grease removing sprays without worrying about the rubber deterioration. Start lifting with the bread and butter of your old school bodybuilding gyms.


  • Usage: Full Commercial
  • Available in sizes: 2.5kg
  • Features both KG and LBS
  • Hole Diameter: 52 mm
  • 2.5 kg - Diameter: 20.3 cm Thickness: 1.8 cm


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