Force USA 17.5kg 7ft Olympic Barbell

Brand Force USA
SKU OB350-V2

Solid construction and effective in design, the Force USA 500lb Olympic Barbell is made for everyday gym use and designed for a snug fit in hand. The heavy-duty structural integrity means the Force USA 500lb Olympic Barbell is built to take a pounding and will help you expand your range of exercises all while giving you a solid and intense home workout for many years to come!

Key Features

Accurate 17.5kg Barbell Weight

Every Force USA 7ft Olympic Barbell shaft is ground and polished before machining, providing a refined finish and weight accuracy tolerance within 1%.


Comfortable Hold

Knurling dimensions and IPF/IWF spec positioning provides a comfortable grip for variable exercises and holds. The 7ft Olympic Barbell is the next step above the Patriot Barbell as a more purposeful bar for cleans, jerks and snatches.


An All-Rounder Barbell

The 7ft Olympic Barbell has a 28mm shaft for Weightlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting and multi-purpose barbell requirements to perform a vast array of barbell exercise movements.


A Superior Bar with Superior Bushings

The premium stainless steel bushings are durable and low maintenance, giving you the ultimate strength training superiority.


226KG Weight Rating

The massive 500LB (226KG) weight rating provides strength and confidence in its capabilities of taking you beyond your training goals.



  • Economy Olympic barbell
  • 220cm long
  • Weight Rating: 500lbs (226KG)
  • Bar Weight: 17.5kg
  • Shaft Coating: Chrome
  • Sleeve Material: Cast Iron
  • Shaft Material: Q235 Steel


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